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Axialflow Honda S2000 Short Shifter DIY

Parts Included:
• Short shift lever with bushings
• Retaining collar
• 5mm allen screws (3)
Tools Needed:
• Flat blade screwdriver
• 10mm socket with extension
• 5mm allen wrench (or socket)

1.) Start by removing the center console. In order to remove the center console, you must first remove the shift knob.

2.) Gently pry the center console assembly off from the transmission tunnel. It’s held in place by a few plastic tabs and you shouldn’t have a problem prying it loose.

3.) Disconnect the two wiring plugs from the underside of the console and remove the center console from the car.

4.) Remove the grey foam from the transmission tunnel, and remove the rubber shifter boot. Use a screwdriver at the corners of the tunnel opening to release the 4 clips on the underside of the white plastic ring.

5.) Pull the rubber cover up and twist it around to expose the (3) 10mm bolts

6.) Remove the 10mm bolts on the retaining collar

7.) Pull the shifter assembly up and out of the transmission.

8.) Pull the spring off the end of the stock shifter and install it onto the short shifter.

9.) Make sure the new shifter has plenty of grease, and then drop it into the shifter housing. Notice
that it can only go in one way.

10.) Place the retaining collar over the shifter and line up the bolt holes. Notice the orientation of the indentation on the inner surface of the collar points toward 6th gear.

11.) Install the 3 10mm Allen bolts and torque to 7.2lb/ft

12.) Reinstall the rubber shifter boot and the grey insulating foam.

13.) Reinstall the plugs for the hazard and roof switches, and then reinstall the center console.

14.) Reinstall your shift knob, and enjoy your short shifter!!!

Special thanks to http://www.ricks2k.com/ for visual DIY instructions.


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